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Issue 99, Fall 2004

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

John Lundberg
Poem: Frankenstein, Infinitum

Rick Barot
Poem: Goya's Dog

August Kleinzahler
Memoir: The Dog, the Family

Daisy Fried
Poem: My Brother Is Getting Arrested Again

Adam Phillips
Perspective: Nuisance Value

Joshua Weiner
Poem: The Bed

Bert Keizer
Miscellany: Immortal

James Tate
Poem: What Had To Be Done

Adam Zagajewski
Language: Writing in Polish

Javier Marías
Lives: Henry James on a Visit

Geoff Dyer
Books: Shirley Hazzard

Isabel Colegate
Books: Somerset Maugham

David Salner
Poem: As Far As He Dared

Sara Gail Martin
Poem: In Sleep the Brain Retrieves a Snake

Susan Engberg
Fiction: Moon

Peter Campion

Art: Paul Gauguin

Steve Vineberg
Film: Jeff Bridges

Greil Marcus
Music: The Band

Beth Mayer
Fiction: Birdie, Birdie

Clifford Thompson
Music: Coleman Hawkins

Jim Powell
Poem: Sovereignty


Cover: Francisco Goya, From Such Dust
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Cover: Francisco Goya, From Such Dust (one of the eighty etchings in the series Los Caprichos), 1799.

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