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Issue 94, Summer 2003

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Table Talk

Janna M. Smith
Memoir: My Father Is a Book

Mark Crees
Books: Wordsworth's Prelude

Jim Powell
Poem: Ode on Water

Bryn Canner
Books: The Extracurricular Life of Poetry

Roy Jacobstein
Poem: Don’t You Love Spanish

Reginald Shepherd
Poem: The Tendency of Dropped Objects to Fall

Isabel Colegate
Preface: The Shooting Party

Kay Ryan
Poem: The Past

Thom Gunn, Wendy Lesser, Thomas Laqueur,
Louise Gluck, Irene Oppenheim, Ramie Targoff,
Elizabeth Kendall, Edwin Frank,
Alexander Nehamas
Symposium: Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks

César Pérez Gracia
Fiction: A Man of Uncommon Skill

P. M. F. Johnson
Poem: The Finch’s Family Niche

Steve Vineberg
Theater/Film: The Beckett Plays

David Wagoner
Poem: Bad Chairs

Robin Romm
Fiction: Lost and Found

Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Film: Stone Reader

Dean Young
Poem: Skipping the Reception

Bert Keizer
Medicine: Tales of Empathy

David Salner
Poem: In Another Mug Shot


Cover: Judith Aronson, Untitled Photograph
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