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Issue 93, Spring 2003

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

A. S. Byatt
Books: Dostoevsky

Les Murray
Poem: True Yarn

Bert Keizer
Medicine: Research

Chieh Chieng
Fiction: A Legal Matter

Kevin King
Poem: The Very Darkness

Robyn Sarah
Poem: Did You Ever

Laurie Stone
Memoir: Youth’s Body

Chana Bloch
Poem: The Discipline of Marriage

Clifford Thompson
Memoir: For Dean

Michael Hamburger
Poem: Transition

Nadine Gordimer
Books: What I Saw by Joseph Roth

Eamon Grennan
Poem: There

Dick Davis
Books: Prose, 1939–1948 by W. H. Auden,
edited by Edward Mendelson

P. N. Furbank
Books: Christopher Ricks

Wendy Lesser
Opera: Alcina

Dean Young
Poem: Whirlpool Suite

T. J. Clark
Film/Art: Malevich Versus Cinema

Kate Wheeler
Fiction: Moving In

Robert Thomas
Poem: Fast Angel

Steve Vineberg
Film: The Pianist and Rabbit-Proof Fence

Letters to the Editor


Cover: Frank Lobdell, Untitled Drawing
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Cover: Frank Lobdell, Untitled Drawing, 1972.

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