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Issue 91, Fall 2002

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Sallie Tisdale
Perspective: Recording

Jim Powell
Poem: Rates of Combustion

Javier Marías
Books: Robert Louis Stevenson

Charles Freeland
Poem: Eclogue, with Turtles

Wendy Lesser
Books: The Fierce and Beautiful World
by Andrei Platonov

Kay Ryan
Poem: No Names

W. G. Sebald
Poem: And If I Remained by the Outermost Sea
(from After Nature)

Margaret Drabble
Miscellany: Rustic Idylls

Todd Newberry
Natural History: Seeing an Arboretum
with New Eyes

Michael Chitwood
Poem: Afternoons in October

Lisa Michaels
Memoir: Near and Deer

David Wagoner
Poem: Snakeskin

Salvatore Scibona
Fiction: The Platform

Kristen Tracy
Poem: A Journey

Geoff Dyer
Art: American Sublime

Lance Larsen
Poem: Landscape for Several Pairs of Hands

Rachel Cohen
Art: The Sofa by Toulouse-Lautrec

Nina Ellen Riggs
Poem: One-Minute Amaryllis

Steve Vineberg
Film: Y tu mamá también and The Triumph of Love

Ariel Dorfman
Politics: Exorcising Pinochet

Evan Connell
Fiction: Election Eve

Louise Glück
Poem: Landscape


Cover: Wayne Levin, Green Sea Turtle
Cover: Wayne Levin, Green Sea Turtle under Pier, reproduced by permission of the artist
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