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Issue 90, Summer 2002

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Table Talk

Susan Mahler
Medicine: Shock Therapy

Göran Sonnevi
Poem: from Mozart’s Third Brain

Christopher Logue
Poem: from All Day Permanent Red

W. S. Di Piero
Books: Venice: Lion City by Garry Wills

Melissa Kwasny
Poem: Berries

Ha-yun Jung
Fiction: Blue Thread, Red Thread

James Campbell
Books: Robert Creeley: A Biography
by Ekbert Faas with Maria Trombacco

Dean Young
Poem: Whoz Side U On, Anyway?

Rosanna Warren
Books: Frank Bidart

Frank Bidart
Books: Louise Glück

Rachel Wetzsteon
Poem: Madeleine for a While

Steve Vineberg
Film/Theater: Lillian Gish

Deirdre Lockwood
Poem: Leaving the Theater

Samoil Lourie
Art: Antoine Watteau

Debora Lidov
Poem: The Drama of the Gifted Hansel

Jessica Roeder
Fiction: A Career

Anna Ziegler
Poem: After the Opening, 1932

Daisy Fried
Art: Alice Neel

Allen Braden
Poem: Van Gogh’s Noon...

Bert Keizer
Miscellany: Thinking

Letters to the Editor


Cover: Frank Lobdell, Untitled
Cover: Frank Lobdell, Untitled, reproduced by permission of the Hackett-Freedman Gallery
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