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Issue 86, Summer 2001

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Table Talk

Dean Young
Poem: Torn Red Interior

Will Aitken
Books: Boss Cupid by Thom Gunn

James Campbell
Books: Rimbaud by Graham Robb and
101 Poems by Paul Verlaine

Christopher Middleton
Poem: Figurine of a Chinese Drummer

Leonard Michaels
Books: Ravelstein by Saul Bellow

Rafael Campo
Poem: Nightfall in Asturias

Francie Lin
Books: Haruki Murakami

Linda Bierds
Poem: Latitude

C. J. Sage
Poem: Habituation

Nell Beram
Fiction: Bad Daddy

Ruth Fainlight
Poem: The Screen Door

Clifford Thompson
Memoir: Ex-Would-Be Cartoonist

Joe Goldberg
Music/Television: Jazz

Carl Phillips
Poem: Fretwork

Steve Vineberg
Film: Requiem for a Dream and George Washington

Judith Hermann
Fiction: The End of Something

Edith A. Jenkins
Poem: Prevision

Dick Davis
Poem: Aubade

John Berger
Art: A Gratitude Hard to Name


Cover: Frans Masereel, Untitled
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Cover: Woodcut by Frans Masereel from The Story Without Words, reproduced courtesy of Shambhala Editions.

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