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Issue 85, Spring 2001

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Sarah Kain
Poem: Untitled

Rachel Cohen
Miscellany: Lost Things

David Watts
Poem: Burma Shave

Bernard Williams
Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline

Eavan Boland
Poem: Code

Eric Bentley
Books: Oscar Wilde

Charles Grosel
Poem: Night Calls and Tow Trucks

Peter Campion
Books: Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
translated by Randall Jarrell

Rachel Hadas
Poem: Love and War

Kathryn Davis
Fiction: Versailles

Adam Phillips, André Aciman, Thomas Laqueur,
Stephen Greenblatt, Thom Gunn
Symposium on the Strange, the Weird, and the Uncanny

David Wagoner
Poem: Freak

Steve Vineberg
Film: Movie Violence

James Tate
Poem: Bernie at the Pay Phone

Wendy Lesser
Theater: The Late Henry Moss

Anne Carson
Poem: Opposed Glimpse of Alice James...

Lance Esplund
Art: The Human Figure

Roy Jacobstein
Poem: The Odd Morphology of Regret

Deborah Eisenberg
Fiction: Like It or Not

Virgil, translated by Robert Pinsky
Poem: The Wave

Letters to the Editor


Cover:Martin Russocki, Untitled
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