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Issue 83, Fall 2000

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Ellen McGarrahan
Done Is Done

Seamus Heaney
Poem: Out of the Bag

Alice Mattison
Memoir: An Urgency of Words

Rachel Cohen
Books: The Selected Letters of Mark Twain and
Why Read the Classics? by Italo Calvino

Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Books: The Other House by Henry James

Christopher Middleton
Poem: Feuilleton 11

August Kleinzahler
Books: A Life of Hart Crane by Paul Mariani

Dan Chiasson
Poem: Boston

Greil Marcus
Books: Philip Roth’s American Trilogy

Daniel Hefko
Poem: Beside Their Bones

John R. Campbell
Music: Elements of the Blues

Mark Turpin
Poem: Sledgehammer’s Song

Dagoberto Gilb
Fiction: About Tere Who Was In Palomas

Philip Levine
Film: The Dawn Patrol

Michael Chitwood
Poem: All Saints’ Eve

Gerald Weales
Art: Sergei Eisenstein

Anna Ziegler
Poem: Sunlight in a Cafeteria

Michael Holroyd
Miscellany: A Tale of Two Women

Patricia Kirkpatrick
Poem: The Mad Sisters

Laura Furman
Fiction: Shards

Steve Vineberg
Theater: A Moon for the Misbegotten

Julie Larios
Poem: Addiction: Pencil Boxes


Cover: Frank Navara, Coffee Pot
Cover: Frank Navara, Coffee Pot, Ohio, 1939. Reproduced courtesy of the Fraenkel Gallery.
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