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Issue 80, Winter 2000

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Louise Glück
Poem: Memoir

Alexander Nehamas
An Essay on Beauty and Judgment

Seamus Heaney
Poem: The Dearest Freshness

Irene Oppenheim
Memoir: A Revolutionary Childhood

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Autumn Quartet

Christian Wiman
Books: Milton in Guatemala

James Campbell
Books: Selected Poems of Robert Henryson
and William Dunbar

August Kleinzahler
Poem: Across the Land

Thomas Laqueur
Books: King by John Berger

Martín Espada
Poem: A Mayan Astronomer...

Jonathan Galassi
Poem: View

Robert Olen Butler
Fiction: Lucky

Frederick Busch
Lewis Hine I

Janna Malamud Smith
Lewis Hine II

W. S. Di Piero
Lewis Hine III

Arthur Lubow
Lewis Hine IV

Wendy Lesser
Lewis Hine V

Luc Sante
Lewis Hine VI

Anne Carson
Poem: Longing, A Documentary

Bernard Cooper
Fiction: Bit-O-Honey

Gerald Weales
Theater: Martin McDonagh’s Plays

Carlo Ginzburg
Miscellany: Rites of Passage

Lynn Freed
Preface: False Starts

David Wagoner
Poem: The Landscaper

Sam Swope
The One Who Didn’t Speak

Sarah Lindsay
Poem: Mawson’s Pie


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Cover: Lewis Hine, At the calender of a great machine making fabric for auto-tires, 1909. Reproduced courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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