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Issue 77, Spring 1999

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Thom Gunn
Poem: The Dump

John Berryman
Books: Shakespeare’s Reality

Anne Carson
Poem: Oedipus’s Nap

Vivian Gornick
Books: Reluctantly by Hayden Carruth

W. S. Di Piero
Poem: Leaving Bartram’s Garden in Southwest Philadelphia

Brian Henry
Books: Going Fast by Frederick Seidel

Joshua Weiner
Poem: Connecting Flight

James Campbell
James Baldwin and the FBI

Monica Drake
Fiction: The Folly of Loving Life

Richard W. Pearce
Poem: Repo Man

Lisa Michaels
Miscellany: At the Auction House

Eric Paul Shaffer
Poem: Untitled

Cornelia Nixon
Fiction: By the Shining Big Sea Waters

Allison Bennis
Poem: Recycling

Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Perspectives: At a Certain Age

Arthur Lubow
Film: Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness

C. K. Williams
Poem: The Cup

August Kleinzahler
Art: Stanley Spencer

Elizabeth Macklin
Poem: Only Children

Meera Nair
Fiction: The Lodger in 726

Clifford Thompson
Boxing: Sugar, Muhammad, and Me

Virgil (tr. David Ferry)
Poem: Tenth Eclogue

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Letters to the Editor


Cover: Into the Dangerous World I Leapt, 1955, a woodcut by Nancy Webb
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Cover: Into the Dangerous World I Leapt, 1955, a woodcut by Nancy Webb

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