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Issue 76, Winter 1999

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Table Talk

Nicholas Papandreou
Memoir: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

Philip Levine
Poem: A Boy's Answer

P. N. Furbank
Books: The Edmund Wilson Reader, edited by Lewis Dabney

Daisy Fried
Poem: A Story Having To Do With...

Louise Glück
Books: Ersatz Thought

Guy Davenport
Miscellany: Right!

Tony Hoagland
Poem: Windchime

Elizabeth McKenzie
Fiction: The Possible World

Anne Wagner
Books: What Gardens Mean by Stephanie Ross

Mary Ruefle
Prose-Poem: The Bench

Luci Yamamoto

Michael Ondaatje
Poem: Step

Janna Malamud Smith
Jill Freedman I

Lisa Michaels
Jill Freedman II

Daniel Wolff
Jill Freedman III

Frederick Wiseman
Jill Freedman IV

Irene Oppenheim
Jill Freedman V

Zachary Leader
Jill Freedman VI

Luc Sante
Jill Freedman VII

Oscar Casares
Fiction: Yolanda

Jeffrey Dye
Poem: Copyright Renewal...

August Kleinzahler
Journal: In Transit

Debra Marquart
Poem: On Lake Superior

Steve Vineberg
Film: Saving Private Ryan

Michael J. Henry
Poem: Albany Winter

W. S. Di Piero
Art: On Bonnard

Anneliese Wagner
Poem: Ikea Restaurant...

Ben Fountain III
Fiction: What You Can't Rise Above


Ireland, 1974 by Jill Freedman
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Ireland, 1974
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