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Issue 72, Winter 1998

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Table Talk

Belle Randall
Poem: Narcissus

Louise Glück
Books: American Narcissism

Arthur Lubow
Books: Dogs Never Lie About Love by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Thom Gunn
Poems: More Gossip

August Kleinzahler
Books: Intimate Chronicles by Christopher Middleton

Christopher Middleton
Prose Poem: Thoreau’s Arrow

Henry Mayer
Books: Ralph Ellison

Greil Marcus
Four Moments of Prophecy

Terri Witek
Poem: The Woman Who Married ...

Brenda Hillman
Poem: Feverish Ribcage

Marianne Villanueva
Fiction: Silence

Michael Chitwood
Poem: Lifting

W. S. Di Piero
Dan Weiner I

Irene Oppenheim
Dan Weiner II

Frederick Wiseman
Dan Weiner III

Vivian Gornick
Dan Weiner IV

Wendy Lesser
Dan Weiner V

Gayle Pemberton
Dan Weiner VI

Dale Peck
Fiction: Names

David Hayward
Poem: To the Man Saying ...

David Bromwich
Film: Robert Mitchum/James Stewart

Marcus Cafagña
Poem: The Bomb

Steve Vineberg
Film: The Long Way Home and Riding the Rails

Christian Wiman
Poem: One Good Eye

Mary Ward Brown
Fiction: A Meeting on the Road

David Ferry
Poem: The Chair

Anne Carson
Poem: Strange Hour (Outcast Hour)



Dan Weiner, New Year’s Eve, Times Square, New York City, 1951
Cover: Dan Weiner, New Year’s Eve, Times Square, New York City, 1951.
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