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Issue 68, Winter 1997

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Robert Pinsky
Books: Some Notes on Reading

Elizabeth Macklin
Poem: To Author Re: Insert

P.N. Furbank
Books: The Novelist and "Phonetic" Spelling

Don Bogen
Books: The Spirit Level by Seamus Heaney

Thom Gunn
Poem: First Song

Chris Arthur
Memoir: Going Home

Rachel Hadas
Poem: Mutability

Robyn Sarah
In Referendum Country

Linda Pastan
Poem: Wind Chill

Jane Hirshfield
Poem: The Roses of the Nag Hammadi Library

Timothy Melley
Fiction: Staring into the Sun

Lisa Chen
Poem: Blue House

Holly Metz
Wendy Ewald I

Zachary Leader
Wendy Ewald II

Ruth Fainlight
Wendy Ewald III

Gina Berriault
Wendy Ewald IV

Daniel Wolff
Wendy Ewald V

Lisa Michaels
Wendy Ewald VI

Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Miscellany: The Page Turner

August Kleinzahler
Poem: What the Science of the Ancients Told

Frederick Wiseman
Film/Theater: On Monologue

Mary Jo Salter
Poem: The Jewel of the World

Steve Vineberg
Theater: A Delicate Balance and Buried Child

Tony Hoagland
Poem: Benevolence

Jessica Roeder
Fiction: Carp

Letters to the Editor


Wendy Ewald, Tidi and Her Harijan Neighbors, 1990
Cover: Wendy Ewald, Tidi and Her Harijan Neighbors, 1990.
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