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Issue 65, Spring 1996

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Thom Gunn
Poem: Shit: An Essay on Rimbaud

Frederick Busch
Preface: A Relative Lie

Irene Oppenheim
Books: Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy

Lorin Stein
Books: The Gazer’s Spirit by John Hollander

Eamon Grennan
Poem: Woman Sleeping in the Train

Pavao Pavlicic
Miscellany: The Danube in February

Bruce Bond
Poem: Divorce

Rachel Pastan
Fiction: 16 Medford Street

Rachel Hadas
Poem: Mom and Dad

Steve Vineberg
Theater: The Glass Menagerie and Suddenly, Last Summer

Donald Hall
Poem: Notices

David Bromwich
Film: On the Waterfront

August Kleinzahler
Film: Leaving Las Vegas

Horace (tr. David Ferry)
Poem: Of Drinking

Kim Addonizio
Poem: Glass

Henk Romijn Meijer
Fiction: Don’t Blame Me

Herbert Leibowitz
Music: Holding Court at the Chelsea

W. S. Di Piero
Art: Willem de Kooning

Sarah Blake
Poem: Ismene Speaks to Antigone

Letters to the Editor


Cover: Untitled drawing by Ireneusz Ciesiolkiewicz
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Cover: Untitled drawing by Ireneusz Ciesiolkiewicz, reproduced courtesy of the Cecile Moochnek Gallery.

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