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Issue 64, Winter 1996

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Table Talk

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Desecration of the Gravestone of Rose P. (1897—1924)

Joseph Brodsky
Memoir: Spoils of War

Seamus Heaney
Poem: Cassandra

Dagoberto Gilb
Miscellany: Machismo

Martín Espada
Poem: The Bouncer’s Confession

Douglas Dennis
Books: Among the Lowest of the Dead by David Von Drehle

Nancy Welch
Fiction: The Road from Prosperity

Mary Gordon
Books: Mary Lavelle by Kate O’Brien

Karl Miller
Books: The Oxford Book of Letters, edited by F. and A. Kermode; Not Entitled by Frank Kermode; Black Sea by Neal Ascherson

W. S. Di Piero
Poem: Psychopomp

Adam Phillips
Charles Dodgson I

Christopher Ricks
Charles Dodgson II

Lisa Mann
Charles Dodgson III

Ann Hulbert
Charles Dodgson IV

Mindy Aloff
Charles Dodgson V

Janet Malcolm
Charles Dodgson VI

T. J. Clark
Charles Dodgson VII

John Berger
Art: A Small Theory of the Visible

Charles Wright
Poem: Thinking of Winter

Rachel Wetzsteon
Poem: Learning from the Movies

Alan Sillitoe
Preface: Her Victory

Gina Berriault
Fiction: Zenobia

Louise Glück
Poem: Telemachus’ Guilt

Stephen Greenblatt
Architecture: Monuments

Terri Witek
Poem: National Seashore

Wendy Lesser
Theater: From Where We Sit


Lewis Carroll Charles Dodgson, Xie Kitchin, 1870
Cover: Lewis Carroll [Charles Dodgson], Xie Kitchin, 1870. Reproduced courtesy of the Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.
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