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Issue 152, Winter 2018

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

William Fargason
Poem: Not an Entrance

Caleb Gayle
Perspective: On Learning Anger

Brian Seibert
Books: White Tears by Hari Kunzru

Alex R. Jones
Memoir: The Singer

Kay Ryan
Poem: Trough

D. Nurkse
Fiction: Two Short Tales

Dean Young
Poem: Concession Speech

Max Nelson
Books: Henry David Thoreau

Kirsten Kaschock
Poem: In the Belly of the Wolf

Toni Martin
Medicine: The Making of an Epidemic

Andrea Cohen
Poem: Ubi

Leah Browning
Fiction: In the Air

Charles Simic
Poem: Sit Tight

Harrison Hill
Places: Light

Steve Vineberg
Theater: 887

Alan Shapiro
Poem: Encore

Janna Malamud Smith
Art: The Moving Portrait

Cristi Donoso Best
Poem: You, Hiding

Scott Garson
Fiction: West Seventh and Burn Hill Road

Erica X Eisen
Miscellany: The Pleasure of Red

Jake Crist
Poem: St. Jerome Learns Hebrew


Susan Meiselas, Lando, South Carolina
Cover Art: Susan Meiselas, Lando, South Carolina, 1974.
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