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Issue 147, Fall 2016

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Charles Simic
Poem: Seeing Things

Bert Keizer
Medicine: Death and Doctors’ Fears

Jill McDonough
Poem: Path to Nowhere

Joe Aguilar
Fiction: The Cave

Clifford Thompson
Books: Raymond Carver

Jody Keisner
Perspective: Word Salad

Michael Chitwood
Poem: The Tree

Tomas Unger
Books: The Importance of Elsewhere:
Philip Larkin’s Photographs

Marina Warner, Thomas Rayfiel,
Sarah Deming, Robert Pinsky, Erik Tarloff,
Anne Wagner, Arthur Lubow, Mark Morris
A Symposium on Crying

Peter Witte
Memoir: He and I (and Her Too)

Ruth Foley
Poem: Safety

Ye Chun
Fiction: Milk

Jim Powell
Poem: Her Own Mind

Steve Vineberg
Film: Jan Troell’s Saga

Julio Machado
Poem: Musculature

Javier Marías
Film: Some Not Too Distant Day

Ariel Dorfman
Miscellany: A Question for Shakespeare
and Cervantes

Tom Sleigh
Poem: For Phil

Philip Levine
Poem: Rain in Winter


Hiroshi Sugimoto, Anne of Cleves
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