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Issue 146, Summer 2016

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Table Talk

Corey Marks
Poem: Actaeon’s Hounds

J. T. Barbarese
Memoir: Paycheck to Paycheck

Dean Young
Poem: Undated, No Certificate but
Possibly Genuine

Max Nelson

Books: John Aubrey, My Own Life
by Ruth Scurr

Charlie Clark
Poem: An Apple Waiting To Be Carved

Lila Savage
Fiction: You’re Welcome

Tom Sleigh
Poem: Net

Louise Glück
Books: Dan Chiasson’s Poetry

Clifford Thompson
Miscellany: Jazz June

Austin Smith
Poem: Street Performer

Steve Vineberg
Film: Pennies from Heaven

David L. Ulin
Art: Rain Room

Meghan O’Gieblyn
Places: Dispatch from Flyover Country

Javier Marías
Film: Orson Welles

Wendy Lesser
Architecture: Dhaka Parliament

Dave Lucas
Poem: Students Sketching after Caravaggio

Stephanie A. Vega
Fiction: We Keep Them Anyway

Rosanna Warren
Poem: Soon

Adam Zagajewski
Lives: C. K. Williams

Jim Powell
Poem: Where the Ancients Summered


Jack Feder, Kids playing
Cover Art: Jack Feder, Kids playing in an abandoned car, Lower East Side.
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