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Issue 144, Winter 2016

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Table Talk

Andrew Solomon
Perspective: On Gay Parenting

Max Nelson
Books: Josep Pla

Vona Groarke
Poem: This Being Still

Bert Keizer
Books: The Letters of Samuel Beckett,
Volume 3, 1957–1965

Cintia Santana
Poem: Notes to a Funeral

Ben Downing
Language: That Soft Bastard Latin

Frank Bidart
Poem: Thirst

A. M. Kaempf
Fiction: Letter to a Friend

Michelle Brooks
Poem: If You’re Drinking to Forget…

Sharman Apt Russell
Memoir: People Who Live Inside Us

Sharon Olds
Poem: Donner Party Mother Ode

Noah Isenberg
Film: Reflections on Cinephilia

Javier Marías
Film: George Sanders

Steve Vineberg
Theater: Oresteia

James Longenbach
Poem: Book Three

Arthur Lubow
Art: Piero di Cosimo

Dave Lucas
Poem: Annunciations

Austin Smith
Fiction: The Herd

Bruce Snider
Poem: Mendel on His Deathbed


ringl + pit, Petrole Hahn
Cover Art: ringl + pit, Petrole Hahn, 1931–33.
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