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Issue 141, Spring 2015

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Daisy Fried
Poem: Smarrita

Sarah Deming
Miscellany: Dirty Laundry

Shawnte Orion
Poem: Pilot Episode

Clifford Thompson
Memoir: On the Bus

W. S. Di Piero
Poem: Catch You at the Oregon

Martin Monahan
Fiction: Lists

Javier Marías
Preface: Who Is Who?

Brenda Butka
Poem: Bonnard’s Mirror, Which Still Exists

Joshua Weiner
Books: Gottfried Benn

Philip Levine
Poem: Leaves

T. J. Clark, Ethan Iverson, Hallie Sekoff,
Lynn Glaser, Jeremy Melius, Mark Padmore
Symposium on the St. Matthew Passion

Sappho (tr. Jim Powell)
Poem: Sappho’s Brothers

Bert Keizer
Medicine: Faith, Hope, and Chemistry

Dean Young
Poem: Caruso on Pluto

Dale Peck
Perspective: Voyeur

Ryan Teitman
Poem: The Double

Dustin M. Hoffman
Fiction: Touching in Texas

Maggie Dietz
Poem: Zoloft

Steve Vineberg
Theater: You Can’t Take It with You

Letters to the Editor


Garry Winogrand, Central Park
Cover Art: Garry Winogrand, Central Park, 1967.
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