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Issue 140, Winter 2015
Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Issue

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Running with Noodles

Shawnte Orion
Poem: Comfort Food on Two Tongues

Javier Marías
Miscellany: Please Buy One

Jonathan Gibbs
Books: Geoff Dyer and Comic Writing

Elizabeth Tallent
Fiction: Narrator

David Ferry
Poem: Who Is It?

Mimi Chubb
Books: The Adventures of Sindbad
by Gulya Krúdy

Ciarán Parkes
Poem: Sisyphus Decides

Brenda Wineapple
Books: Becoming Freud
by Adam Phillips

Shannon Pufahl
Memoir: Interventions

Jill McDonough
Poem: Reaper

Imogen Sara Smith
Photography: Vivian Maier

Tomas Unger
Poem: Something That Happens Sometimes

Iain Bamforth
Perspective: The Embodied World

Dave Lucas
Prose-Poem: Down in the Flood

Wendy Lesser
Opera: The Turn of the Screw

Steve Vineberg
Film: The Evolution of Cabaret

Austin Segrest
Poem: I’m Practicing Dance Moves

Imbolo Mbue
Fiction: Emke


Lee Friedlander, Newark, New Jersey
Cover Art: Lee Friedlander, Newark, New Jersey, 1962.
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