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Issue 139, Fall 2014

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

C. K. Williams
Poem: The Sun, the Saint, the Sot

Clifford Thompson
Miscellany: Cities, Bulls, and
the Boy at Seventeen

Kay Ryan
Poem: Breather

Geoff Dyer
Books: A Fire on the Moon
by Norman Mailer

Thomas Rayfiel
Books: 1914 by Jean Echenoz

Emily Fragos
Poem: On Robert Walser (1878–1956)

Anna Qu
Memoir: Coming Back

Polly Buckingham
Poem: Recalibration

Wendell Berry
Fiction: The Branch Way of Doing

Peter Spagnuolo
Poem: Ghost Money

Alberto Manguel, Francine Prose,
P. N. Furbank, Annalyn Swan, Oliver Sacks,
Paul Duguid, Rachel Cohen
A Symposium on Libraries

Eavan Boland
Poem: Nostalgia

Toni Martin
Medicine: Faithful to the Corpse

Michael Ryan
Poem: The Examining Room

Charlie Haas
Music: Henry Cowell at San Quentin

Dean Young
Poem: Not Trying to Win No Prize

Steve Vineberg
Film: Blue Is the Warmest Color

Zebbie Watson
Fiction: A Single Deliberate Thing

Letters to the Editor


Dayanita Singh, Untitled
Cover Art: Dayanita Singh, Untitled.
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