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Issue 138, Summer 2014

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Alex R. Jones

Places: The Giant

David Moolten

Poem: Collateral Damage

Jesse Hassenger

Fiction: Brown, Robot

Jill McDonough

Poem: Looking at Saints and
Talking About Robots

Elizabeth Tallent

Memoir: Instruction

Emily Hoffman

Poem: Summertime

Javier Marías

Books: Seven Reasons Not to Write Novels
and Only One Reason to Write Them

Louis B. Jones

Books: The Complete Letters of Henry James, Volume I, 1876–1878

Michael Ondaatje

Poem: Untitled

Brenda Wineapple

Books: The Allure of the Archives

Louise Glück

Poem: The Melancholy Assistant

Richard Rapport

Perspective: Revisiting West Virginia

Michael Chitwood

Poem: The Way of the World

Emma Törzs

Fiction: Word of Mouth

Jim Powell

Poem: Surveillance

Max Nelson

Film: Holiday

Steve Vineberg

Theater: King Lear

Dean Young

Poem: Blackbird

Arthur Lubow

Photography: Bruce Davidson


Bruce Davidson, Brooklyn Gang, Coney Island
Cover Art: Bruce Davidson, Brooklyn Gang, Coney Island, 1959.
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