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Issue 137, Spring 2014

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Clifford Thompson
Places: On Rivers

James Longenbach
Poem: Climate of Reason

Jim Powell
Books: The Poems by D. H. Lawrence

Teolinda Gersão
Fiction: The Umbrella

Daisy Fried
Books: The Hotel Oneira
by August Kleinzahler

Sarah Deming
Memoir: Colorless, Odorless, Tasteless

Tom Sleigh
Poem: Second Sight

Richard Ford, Elizabeth Tallent, Dean Young, Ricky Jay, Louis B. Jones, Marina Warner
A Symposium on Magic

D. Nurkse
Poem: Shoelaces

Alberto Manguel
Miscellany: Conversations with the Dead

Changming Yuan
Poem: [y]

Steve Vineberg
Film: Bernardo Bertolucci

Jane Hirshfield
Poem: A Common Cold

David Livewell
Poem: Held Bound

Wendy Lesser
Music: Die Frau ohne Schatten and
St. Matthew Passion

Charles Baudelaire
Poem: Reflection

Louise Glück
Poem: A Sharply Worded Silence

Lydia Davis
Fiction: The Letter to the Foundation

Letters to the Editor


Julia Margaret Cameron, Pomona
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