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Issue 131, Fall 2012

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Andrea Cohen
Poem: The Committee Weighs In

Titi Nguyen
Memoir: In Someone’s Home

Alberto Manguel
Books: Conrad in South America

Kathryn A. Kopple
Poem: Sloth

Jared Harel
Poem: A Newly Renovated Schoolyard…

Louis B. Jones & P. N. Furbank
Books: Mind and Cosmos by Thomas Nagel

Gottfried Benn
Miscellany: The Season (1930)

Robin Robertson
Poem: A Quick Death

Caitlin Doyle
Poem: Self-Portrait with Monkeys

Adam Phillips, Rachel Cohen, Zachary Leader, Thomas Beller, Ellen Pinsky, Jason Royal
A Symposium on Psychoanalysis

Jill McDonough
Poem: Ming

Tate Higgins
Fiction: Crawl’s Daddy Don’t Quit

Steve Vineberg
Film: McCabe & Mrs. Miller

Javier Marías
Photography: Two Portraits of Borges

W. S. Di Piero
Poem: Walking the Duboce Triangle

Wendy Lesser
Art: Gerhard Richter

Matt Donovan
Places: Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii

Michael Homolka
Poem: Artifact

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Story

Martha Harrison
Fiction: The Oxford Comma

Letters to the Editor


Erich Salomon, Film Director Ernst Lubitsch at Work
Cover Art: Erich Salomon, Film Director Ernst Lubitsch at Work, 1930.
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