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Issue 130, Summer 2012

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Table Talk

Jess Row
Books: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

David Hernandez
Poem: Dear Doorknob

Bert Keizer
Books: The Letters of Samuel Beckett,
Volume II

T. J. Clark
Poem: 20 June 1997

Nata Kholendro
Fiction: Deep Waters

Henri Cole
Poem: Sardines

Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough
Memoir: Reading Under the Table

David Ferry
Poem: Everybody’s Tree

Tess Taylor
Miscellany: The Waste Land App

Robert Lacy
Art: Office at Night

Mary Noonan
Poem: Eduardo’s

Steve Vineberg
Film: Hugo and The Artist

Rebecca Hirsh Garcia
Fiction: A Golden Light

Daniel A. Harris
Poem: The Rationings

Wendy Lesser
Dance: Two New Works by Mark Morris

Dean Young
Poem: Remake

Aaron Gilbreath
Music: Jimmy Smith

Kay Ryan
Poem: Monk Style

Craig Davis
Fiction: First East Kansas Aphorism

Kathleen M. McCann
Poem: Bone Dust


Paul Strand, Barns and Sheds
Cover Art: Paul Strand, Barns and Sheds, Louiseville, Quebec, 1936, reproduced by permission of the Paul Strand Archive at Aperture Foundation.
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