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Issue 129, Spring 2012

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Table Talk

Louise Glück
Poem: Faithful and Virtuous Night

John Rockwell
Books: Journey to the Abyss: The Diaries
of Count Harry Kessler, 1880–1918

Jim Powell
Books: The H.D. Book by Robert Duncan

Kay Ryan
Poem: Ship in a Bottle

Robert Boyers
Books: Norman Manea at Seventy-Five

Dean Young
Poem: How to Be a Surrealist

Gloria L. Huang
Fiction: Anonymous Code

Andrea Cohen
Poem: Breaking and Entering

T. J. Clark, Laura Hartman, Arthur Lubow, Anne Wagner, Thomas Laqueur, Katharine Michaels
A Symposium on Architecture

Daisy Fried
Poem: Ippopotamo

Simon Morrison
Performance: The Bolshoi Reopened

Ciaran Berry
Poem: The Exhibition of Bodies

Julie Dunlop
Poem: The Cuckoo Clock Repair Shop

Wendy Lesser
Music: Carnegie Hall

Steve Vineberg
Theater: Two Plays in London

Paul McMahon
Poem: Missing

Javier Marías
Film: Westerns

Nate Klug
Poem: In Calico Rock, AR

Elizabeth Tallent
Fiction: The Wilderness

Letters to the Editor


William Henry Fox Talbot, Articles of China
Cover Art: William Henry Fox Talbot, Articles of China, 1845.
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