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Issue 125, Spring 2011

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Carol Ann Davis
Poem: Roland Barthes

Geoff Dyer
Memoir: On Being an Only Child

Wendell Berry
Fiction: Nothing Living Lives Alone

Elizabeth Tallent
Books: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

David Mason
Poem: Fathers and Songs

Daisy Fried
Books: Wait by C. K. Williams

W. S. Di Piero
Poem: The Goldberg Variations

Javier Marías
Places: Barcelona

Amy Beeder
Poem: Darger’s Colors

James Lasdun, Robert Pinsky, Anne Wagner, Edwin Frank, James Campbell, Wendy Steiner, Erik Tarloff, Dee Shulman, T. J. Clark
A Symposium on London

W. S. Di Piero
Television: The Wire

David Moolten
Poem: Hansel & Gretel

Shashi Bhat
Fiction: What You Can Live Without

Sharon Olds
Poem: Discandied

Steve Vineberg
Film: The Kids Are All Right and
The Social Network

Bert Keizer
Medicine: Medical Arrogance

Adam Zagajewski
Poem: Defenseless

Letters to the Editor


Michael Kenna, Broadway Tower
Cover Art: Michael Kenna, Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, 1981.
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