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Issue 122, Summer 2010

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Elizabeth Hazen
Poem: Trilobites

Dale Peck
Miscellany: Dutcher’s Notch

Jane Hirshfield
Poem: Heat and Desperation

Philip Gourevitch
Books: James Salter

Austin Segrest
Poem: Recommissioned

Adam Phillips
Books: Beyond Belief:
The Secret Gospel of Thomas by Elaine Pagels

Henri Cole
Poem: The Flagellation

Wendy Lesser
Books: The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov

Javier Marías
Places: Venice, An Interior

Imogen Sara Smith
Art: Still-Life Photographs

Jackie Kay
Fiction: The Winter Visitor

Tomás Q. Morín
Poem: Presidential Portrait

Steve Vineberg
Theater: John Osborne

Michael McFee
Poem: Tipsy

Sam Ruddick
Fiction: Leak

David Mason
Poem: The Nape

Alice Mattison
Memoir: Three Bartlett Pears

Dean Young
Poem: Red Glove Thrown in Rose Bush

Toni Martin
Medicine: Collateral Damage


Marion Post Wolcott, Untitled FSA Photograph
Cover Art: Untitled Farm Security Administration photograph by Marion Post Wolcott, ca. 1938–1941.
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