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Issue 121, Spring 2010

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Rick Barot
Poem: Daguerreotypes

Javier Marías
Miscellany: Ghosts and Antiquities

Günter Eich
Poem: Fraudulent Map

Arthur Lubow
Lives: Adam Zagajewski

Michael Fried
Poem: A Earlier Life

C. K. Williams
Books: Walt Whitman

Dawn Potter
Books: Elizabeth Bowen

Robert Jordan
Poem: Piquing Foe

Dave Lucas
Poem: To Say Nothing

Kathryn Crim
Memoir: Wellfleet

Sarah Cohen
Poem: Scylla and Charybdis

Elizabeth Tallent
Fiction: Never Come Back

T. J. Clark, W. S. Di Piero, Mark Stevens, Rachel Cohen, Mimi Chubb, Lawrence Weschler, Wendy Lesser
A Symposium on Bruegel

David J. Rothman
Poem: A Migration of Moths

Todd Newberry
Nature: Birdwatching

Kay Ryan
Poem: Ledge

Yves Berger
Fiction: Conjugation

Tim Carr
Art: Vincent van Gogh

Letters to the Editor


Pieter Bruegel, The Beekeepers
Cover Art: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Beekeepers, ca. 1567–68.
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