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Issue 115, Fall 2008

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Bill Sweeney
Poem: Training

Adam Zagajewski
Memoir: I Can't Write a Memoir of
Czeslaw Milosz

Michael McFee
Poem: The Death of Randall Jarrell

Jim Powell
Books: Thom Gunn: Poems,
selected by August Kleinzahler

Mimi Chubb
Books: Two Lives by Janet Malcolm

Jill McDonough
Poem: Amos D. Squire,
Chief Physician of Sing Sing, 1914-1925

Stephen O'Connor
Fiction: I Think I'm Happier

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Family Values

Geoff Dyer, Charlie Haas, Robert Reich,
Elizabeth Tallent, Daisy Fried, Lynne Sharon
Schwartz, Morris Dickstein, W. S. Di Piero
A Symposium on Fear

Clifford Thompson
Jazz: Mingus, Marcus, and Us

Tom Sleigh
Poem: Triumph

Philip Levine
Poem: Louie Lies

Wendy Lesser
Music: Quartets

Dean Young
Poem: Teetering Lullaby

Brian Seibert
Dance: Jimmy Slyde

Arthur Lubow
Art: Gustave Courbet

Steve Vineberg
Theater: Juno and The Seafarer

Anna George Meek
Poem: Dracula's Housecat

Javier Marías
Miscellany: This Childish Task

Ariel Dorfman
Fiction: Just Visiting

Letters to the Editor


Martin Mukacsi, Street Scene
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