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Issue 110, Summer 2007

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Kim Addonizio
Poem: Lucifer at the Starlite

Javier Marías
Miscellany: Those Who Are Still Here

Erinn Batykefer
Memoir: You Are Here

Corey Marks
Poem: The Radio Tree

Kathryn Crim
Books: Call Me by Your Name
by André Aciman

Morris Dickstein
Books: Henry Roth

Richard Locke
Books: Laughter in the Dark
by Vladimir Nabokov

Toni Martin
Medicine: A Limited Engagement

Jim Powell
Poems: Substrate 18 & 19

Elizabeth Tallent
Fiction: Tabriz

Timothy Haugh
Poem: Still Life: Tree Stump

Geoff Dyer
Music: ECM

Michael McFee
Poem: Cigarette Urn

Mimi Chubb
Art: Georgia O'Keeffe

T. J. Clark
Poem: A Fallen Kouros

Tyler McMahon
Fiction: Sleeping with the Dogs

Sarah Sarai
Poem: Something's Falling

Steve Vineberg
Theater: Translations

Dean Young
Poem: Enter Fortinbras

Wendy Lesser
Dance/Opera: King Arthur

Louise Glück
Poem: Olive Trees

Dawn Potter
Miscellany: Gardening in Paradise


Cover: Edward Weston, Connecticut Barn
Cover Art: Edward Weston, Connecticut Barn, 1941. Reproduced courtesy SFMOMA and the Center for Creative Photography.
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