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Issue 109, Spring 2007

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Daisy Fried

Poem: Stolen Vehicle Discovered
at the Junkyard

Elizabeth Tallent

Books: D. H. Lawrence by John Worthen

Robyn Sarah

Poem: Lowly

Jacob M. Appel

Fiction: The Grand Concourse

Jess Row

Books: The Stories of Mary Gordon

Anis Shivani

Two Poems: To Djuna Barnes, on Nightwood
& John Ashbery's Discovered Childhood

Wendy Lesser

Books: Roberto Bolaño

Adam Phillips, A. L. Kennedy,

Robert Pinsky, Jill McDonough,
James Lasdun, Dean Young
A Symposium on Sleep

W. S. Di Piero

Art: Jackson Pollock

Robert Lopez

Fiction: Disappearing Railroad Blues

Mike White

Poem: Things Pitched

David Wagoner

Poem: An Invitation

Kathryn Crim

Film: Knife in the Water

Jessica Fisher

Poem: The Promise of Nostos

Steve Vineberg

Theater: The Shaw Festival

Bert Keizer

Medicine: Rites of Departure

David Woo

Poem: The Death of the Family Poem

Kathryn Brega Rebillot

Memoir: The Memorial Service

Letters to the Editor


Cover: Edouard Manet, Cats' Rendezvous
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