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Issue 108, Winter 2007

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Javier Marías

Miscellany: Like a Good Knight

Günter Eich

Poem: Inventory

Thomas Laqueur, Noah Isenberg,

Sigrid Nunez, Edward Koren, Stephen
, Martin Jay, Joe Goode,

Melanie Rehak, James Lasdun
A Symposium on Berlin

Rosanna Warren

Poem: Palaces

Lydia Kann

Fiction: The Mule That Pulls the Cart

Terese Coe

Poem: Café Noir

Gideon Lewis-Kraus

Books: Frost by Thomas Bernhard

Natasha Singh

Memoir: Loose

W. S. Di Piero

Poem: The Wedding Dance

Henri Cole

Poem: Oil & Steel

Bernardo Atxaga

Language: Euskara

Dave Lucas

Poem: Midwestern Cities

Louis B. Jones

Fiction: The Epicurean

Dean Young

Poem: Like My Older Sister

Wendy Lesser

Music: St. Matthew Passion

Brian Seibert

Dance: Imagine Tap

Dee Shulman

Art: Howard Hodgkin

Michael Fried

Poem: The Fallen Jockey

Steve Vineberg

Film: Carroll Ballard


Cover: August Sander, Notary
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Cover: August Sander, Notary, 1924. Reproduced courtesy of SFMOMA.
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