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Issue 107, Fall 2006

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Table Talk

Kay Ryan
Poem: Nightingale Floor

Janna Malamud Smith
Memoir: Smarrita

Galway Kinnell
Poem: The Dinner Party

Teolinda Gersão
Fiction: Grandmother and Grandson against Wind and Sand

Jim Powell
Poem: The Resurrection of the Body

Rachel Cohen
Books: Nathalie Sarraute

Anna Ziegler
Poem: Chaperoning the 9th Grade Field Trip

P. N. Furbank
Books: Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain by Stefan Collini

Bert Keizer
Books: Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery
by Michael Bliss

Clifford Thompson
Books: Zadie Smith

Michael McFee
Poem: Saltine

Brian Seibert
Dance: Akram Khan

Shara Lessley
Poem: The Peninsula

Steve Vineberg
Theater: Sweeney Todd and The History Boys

Wendy Lesser
Music: Mark Padmore

W. S. Di Piero
Poem: Autumn and I Can't Breathe

Tony Tulathimutte
Fiction: Scenes from the Life of the Only Girl in Water Shield, Alaska

Beth Martinelli
Poem: The Trees

Zoë Ryder White
Poem: The Snake, the Woman, and the Man

Greil Marcus
Miscellany: Picturing America

Reginald Shepherd
Poem: Seize the Day



Cover: Berenice Abbott, Watuppa
Cover: Berenice Abbott, Watuppa, from Waterfront, Brooklyn, 1936. Reproduced courtesy of SFMOMA.
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