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Issue 106, Summer 2006

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

T. J. Clark

Poem: Pointel to Posterity

David Mamet
Perspective: Workers and Managers

Horace (tr. Powell)
Poem: The Listener

A. L. Kennedy, Adam Phillips,
Thomas Laqueur, Stephen Greenblatt,
Nicholas Papandreou

A Symposium on the Family

Ellen Hawley

Miscellany: Language, Loss, and Metaphor

Michael Chitwood
Poem: Girl, Walking Her Dog, Reading

Arthur Lubow
Books: Dream Books

Yves Bonnefoy (tr. Torracinta and Thomas)
Poem: Hopkins Forest

David Cozy
Books: David Markson

Carol Ann Davis
Poem: Poem Composed by Chance
in Front of Rothko's No. 3

Kimberly Chisholm
Fiction: Generation

Melissa Kwasny
Poem: Reading a Biography of Ezra Pound
in the Garden

Gideon Lewis-Kraus
Books: A Tale of Love and Darkness
by Amos Oz

Eavan Boland
Poem: Becoming the Hand of John Speed

Mary Morrissy
Fiction: The Gender of Cars

Tony Hoagland
Poem: Texaco

Toni Martin
Memoir: Almost Algerian

Wendy Lesser
Music: New York Chamber Music

David Livewell
Poem: The Fire Plug

Steve Vineberg
Film: Bing Crosby



Cover: Max Kaus, Sitting Man
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