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Issue 105, Spring 2006

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

T. J. Clark

Poem: Flying Home

Jorge Antonio Renaud
Perspective: Not-So-Tough Nuts to Crack

Tom Sleigh

Poem: The Breeze

Roberto Ontiveros
Fiction: They Let Me Drive

Jim Powell
Poem: Ranchhouse at Swarts

Geoff Dyer
Preface: My Life as a Gatecrasher

Sigrid Nunez
Books: The Accidental by Ali Smith

Timothy Steele
Poem: A Muse

P. N. Furbank
Books: William Empson by John Haffenden

Elizabeth Tallent
Books: Biography and Fiction

Dean Young
Poem: Blue Limbo

Brian Seibert
Books: Dancing in the Dark by Caryl Phillips

Gillian Kidd Osborne
Poem: Letter to Another Hamlet Impersonator

Emily Fragos
Poem: The Juggler's Hands

Steve Vineberg
Film: Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

Clifford Thompson
Music: Jazz Gods and Monsters

Wendy Lesser
Opera: Rodelinda

W. S. Di Piero
Art: Montmartre in Chicago

Imraan Coovadia
Fiction: Composition VIII

Devin Johnston
Miscellany: Creaturely

Nicholas Howe
Photography: Taking Place

Rebecca Bednarz
Poem: After John Vachon's Photograph...

Letters to the Editor



Cover: George N Barnard, Ruins in Charleston, SC
Cover: George N. Barnard, Ruins in Charleston, South Carolina, 1865-66, reproduced courtesy of SFMOMA.
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