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Issue 104, Winter 2006

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

James Galvin
Poem: A Fable

Greil Marcus
Perspective: Stories of a Bad Song

Anne Carson
Books: On Evil and Suffering in Poetry

Javier Marías
Lives: Yukio Mishima

Gideon Lewis-Kraus
Books: The Ongoing Moment
by Geoff Dyer

Daisy Fried
Poem: The Conference Notes

A. L. Kennedy
Fiction: Family with Young Children

Ruth Fainlight
Poem: The Pool-Hall Theory

Erik Tarloff, Anne Wagner, Sam Swope,
Jill McDonough, Cornelia Nixon,

Geoff Dyer, Lisa Michaels, Edmund White
A Symposium on Plot

Kay Ryan
Poem: The Pharaohs

Mimi Chubb
Art: Rendering Life Harmless

Kim Addonizio
Poem: Happiness after Grief

Steve Vineberg
Theater: Doubt, The Paris Letter, and
The Light in the Piazza

Sarah Arvio
Poem: Acrolith

W. S. Di Piero
Music: Fathead's Hard Times

Dean Young
Poem: Resignation Letter

Bert Keizer
Medicine: Placebo

Henri Cole
Poem: The Erasers

Bernardo Atxaga
Fiction: Four Times Snow

Peter Spagnuolo
Poem: One-Way Street


Cover: Andre Kertesz, Broken Plate
Cover: André Kertész, Broken Plate, 1929, reproduced by permission of the Estate of André Kertész and SFMoMA.
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