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Our ordering process allows you to make online purchases of subscriptions, single issues (including all back issues as well as the current issue), and signed books and broadsides.

For subscriptions and current issues, we will take you straight to our own secure order form, which will transmit all the required information on a single page. The basic prices are listed below. Subscriptions carry no shipping charges; for single issues we charge $5 to ship within the United States, $10 outside. To use this simple process, just click on the appropriate Order button and you will be presented with our secure form.

For back issues, signed books, and other items which vary in price, we have a slightly more elaborate system that takes you through our ABE listings. This allows you to use ABE's secure order form, which gives a detailed description of each item and displays all purchase costs, including shipping charges. Again, all you have to do is click on the Order button next to the item you wish to buy. If the back issue you want is not listed below, you can use the Threepenny Search Form to order earlier issues or to locate specific authors and titles.

We accept Visa and Mastercard for all online purchases (credit cards only, please—we aren't set up for debit). Our secure system will encrypt your credit card data for transmission. When you send in the order, you will automatically get a confirming email. We will receive the order immediately and fill it within a day or two. If you have any questions about the process at any time, you can always reach us by e-mail. (If you prefer, you can mail us a check in U.S. dollars to The Threepenny Review, P.O. Box 9131, Berkeley, California 94709, but in that case we won't be able to fill the order until we receive the check.)

By the way, don't forget our special online offer: a new one-year domestic subscription will include five issues rather than the usual four, which is our way of thanking you for signing up with us.


New Subscriptions

orderOne-Year Domestic Subscription ($25.00) [includes free fifth issue]

orderTwo-Year Domestic Subscription ($45.00)

orderOne-Year Foreign Subscription ($50.00)

Gift Subscriptions

orderGift Subscription: One-Year Domestic ($25.00) [includes free fifth issue]

orderGift Subscription: Two-Year Domestic ($45.00)

orderGift Subscription: One-Year Foreign ($50.00)


orderSubscription Renewal: One-Year Domestic ($25.00)

orderSubscription Renewal: Two-Year Domestic ($45.00)

orderSubscription Renewal: One-Year Foreign ($50.00)


Current Issue ($7.00 plus shipping)

orderIssue 152, Winter 2018

Past Issues (variable: mainly $10 to $15 plus shipping)

orderIssue 151, Fall 2017
orderIssue 150, Summer 2017
orderIssue 149, Spring 2017
orderIssue 148, Winter 2017
orderIssue 147, Fall 2016
orderIssue 146, Summer 2016
orderIssue 145, Spring 2016
orderIssue 144, Winter 2016
orderIssue 143, Fall 2015
orderIssue 142, Summer 2015
orderIssue 141, Spring 2015
orderIssue 140, Winter 2015
orderIssue 139, Fall 2014
orderIssue 138, Summer 2014
orderIssue 137, Spring 2014
orderIssue 136, Winter 2014
orderIssue 135, Fall 2013
orderIssue 134, Summer 2013
orderIssue 133, Spring 2013
orderIssue 132, Winter 2013
orderIssue 131, Fall 2012
orderIssue 130, Summer 2012

NOTE: With ABE's Threepenny Search Form, you can order earlier issues (Issues 1-129), and you can also search through ALL back issues using author name or title of article.

Books and Other Items

orderBidart, Metaphysical Dog ($60.00 plus shipping)

orderCarson/Phillips Signed Broadside ($35.00 plus shipping)

orderDavis, Can't and Won't ($60.00 plus shipping)

orderDyer, Zona: A Book about a Film about a Journey to a Room ($25.00 plus shipping)

orderGlück/Gunn/Hass Signed Broadside ($100.00 plus shipping)

orderLesser (ed.), Hiding in Plain Sight ($35.00 plus shipping)

orderLi, Yiyun, Gold Boy, Emerald Girl ($45.00 plus shipping)

orderMalcolm, Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice ($35.00 plus shipping)

orderMilosz, Unattainable Earth ($300.00 plus shipping)

orderMilosz, Provinces ($250.00 plus shipping)

orderRyan Signed Broadside ($50.00 plus shipping)

orderTallent, Mendocino Fire ($25.00 plus shipping)

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