Louis Kahn

I guess I should mention that my book on this great American architect, You Say To Brick: The Life of Louis Kahn, just appeared this past week from Farrar, Straus & Giroux.  I hope you will feel tempted to buy it at your local independent bookstore, but in case there are none left in your neighborhood, here is the Amazon link to the book. And here is a sampling of my favorite reviews thus far: from Booklist (a starred review); from the Washington Post; from Architect (the magazine of the American Institute of Architects); and from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

(Not to mention one from the good old New York Times.)

I would be very curious to hear from any of my regular blog-followers who happen to read the book, so please don’t hesitate to put your comments below, if you have any. For the next few weeks I will be touring for the book—a March 25 appearance at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth, an April 6 event at the Philadelphia Free Library, and so on—but I hope not to let these activities blot out my usual performance-attending, concert-going, reading life.  In other words, I promise I will soon get back to reporting on the various cultural events taking place around me!


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4 Responses to Louis Kahn

  1. mc says:

    My friend, an architect, is reading the book currently and raves about it daily. Where else will you be appearing for the book tour after Philly?

    • Wendy Lesser says:

      Great to know — thank you! So far the only date after Philly (on April 6) is at Books Inc in Berkeley (on May 31). But more events may arise as time goes on. You can stream a talk I gave at Roosevelt House in New York and a radio program I did on KERA in Texas, if you can find them online.

  2. Budge Gierke says:

    I’m working on a biography of Anne Tyng and upon release of your book I called Bill W at the Penn Archive for his take. He loved it and so do I. You convey wonderfully the experience of moving though Kahn space along with a sense of how it came thus to be. It would be fun to cross paths with you, but I won’t soon find myself in Berkeley. Dang. I live three hours west of Chicago. Please let me know if you plan a visit there.

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